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Don't walk. Just Glide. And glide like never before with this unique high-tech, outdoor mobility product. The i-Balance uses advanced attitude control technology combined with fuzzy algorithm and gyroscope system, all used in space science, to actualise the self-balancing function. You can move ahead, speed up, break or move backward simply by leaning forward or backwards slightly, and twisting your body to change direction. With maximum speed of 16 km/hr and a travel range of approx. 25 kms (when fully-charged), the iBalance makes it easier to commute short distances be it to work, the grocery store a few blocks away or at campus. Plus it is easy to carry around, so you can even take it with you to work or school in the train. User-friendly design coupled with a comfortable foot rest makes it easy to manouver your way through the day.

Thrumm i-Balance
Product Code : na
Product Color : Black, Blue, Orange

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